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Our Mission

      We are a global network of youth researchers. Our mission is to forge community sustainability through youth-led research. Together, we study ecological, social, and psychological issues of community sustainability and seek solutions that will help us lead our communities to a brighter future. At Youth Research Vox, no dream is too big, no action is impossible. While the youth are only twenty percent of the world's population, we are one hundred percent of the world's future.


Our Story

          Youth Research Vox was founded in May 2020. When the unprecedented pandemic shattered the world, when communities scrambled to survive, a small group of young people in America rose up to the challenge. Four high school students with the support of an educator started YRV with nothing but a dream. Today, YRV has grown into a global platform of young people from 37 countries! 

Our Pathway

          The YRV 3-Step Pathway to Success consists of Research, Action, and Social Entrepreneurship. Young people start their journey on the YRV platform by conducting scientific research to understand the issues that they aim to solve. Once a strong footing in facts and real-world data is established, the YRV youth take action at the community level making social impact toward systemic change. Successful action leaders then start individual social enterprises to lead their communities forward.

Social Entrepreneurship

Our Success

    The YRV youths were recognized by the United Nations for their commitment to developing community, their bravery for telling the truth, and the mental and emotional resilience they exhibited.

Our videos

2021 Highlights

2021 Highlights

2020 Highlights

2020 Highlights

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