College, Career, Civic-Readiness Programs

How does it work?

Cultivating Learning Intelligence - Making Learning More Effective and Fun

  • What is Learning Intelligence?

  • Is everything hard to learn worth my time?

  • How do I prioritize?

  • How do I learn effectively?

  • How do I make learning fun?

Career Path Designer - Discovering the Right Career, Breaking the Glass Ceiling

  • How many careers are out there?

  • What is the right career for me? Why?

  • Am I good enough? Can I get there?

  • No body who's like me has done it. How do I become the first?

Exercising My Civil Rights Effectively - Fighting for What Matters to Me

  • What is the point having rights if I cannot exercise them?

  • Am I fighting for the right thing?

  • Following the crowd feels safe, but what if I don't want to?

  • There are people who make a career out of confusing ordinary Americans. What can I do about it?

  • How do I communicate with others, so that they understand and accept my point?

          The answers to all questions above are in you. Until you can become the owner of your college, career, and civic preparation, nothing will make sense. Unlike many counseling programs, at Youth Research Vox, you will not be told what to do. Instead, you will be guided and supported to explore your true potential and become the designer of your journey.