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          In alignment with the United Nations’ aim for involving youth in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Youth Research Vox – an international nonprofit organization based in California, United States of America – sets forth the following purpose of this competition:

  • Empowering the youth around the world to lead sustainable development; 

  • Encouraging the youth to produce creative, out-of-the-box ideas to real-world issues; 

  • Providing the youth opportunities to solve sustainability problems through engineering.

Competition Concept

          Engineering a high-efficient, low-cost, sustainable solar rooftop.


Submission Deadline: Sep 30, 2022.


Submission Guidelines

  • Registration is required before entering the competition.

  • Final submissions must include:

    1. A written proposal that includes a blueprint drawing with all components clearly marked.

    2. A small working model of the final product. Videotape the  production process and upload it as an unlisted video on YouTube.


  • Three finalists will be selected to receive a scholarship for the International Youth Engineer Camp in California and an official Sustainability Engineer plaque.

  • The three finalist scholarships are 

    • First Place – 100% scholarship for a two-week camp, valued 5,000 USD

    • Second Place – 100% scholarship for a one-week camp, valued 2,500 USD

    • Third Place  – 100% scholarship for a 3-day camp, valued 1,200 USD.

    • All scholarships are provided directly towards the International Youth Engineer Camp in California. The Competition does not provide cash prizes. 

    • Airfare to and from California is NOT included in the scholarships.

    • International winners will receive an official scholarship offer letter for visa applications and entry to the United States.

  • Five semifinalists will become published authors and receive an official Sustainability Engineer Certificate. The semifinalists’ engineering designs will be published in the International Journal of Youth-Led Research, a peer-reviewed academic journal for sustainable development.


  • Youth between 16 and 21 years old at the time of registration;

  • Passionate about sustainable development and the SDGs;

  • Enthusiastic about engineering and hands-on tasks;

  • Able to communicate in English.

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