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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is YRV?

YRV is an international nonprofit organization based in California, United States. YRV is operated under the state government of California and led by a team of experts in education and sustainable development.


Q2. What is the purpose of the YRV Admissions program?

The purpose of our Admissions Program is to give high school students around world a fair chance to compete for their dream universities and scholarships. Unlike admissions programs that aim to serve only students of wealthy families and students with special talents, we believe when provided with the right tools and resources, every student is capable of achieving excellence. 

Q3. Who is eligible to apply to the YRV Admissions program?

The YRV Admissions Program is open to all students who are currently in 8th, 9th, and 10th grade regardless of their country of residence. 

Q4. How many students do you accept each year?

Although it varies each year, our class sizes are generally small. For the 2024 class, which will open in January for enrollment, there are a total of 12 spots available. This means that we will not be able to enroll more than 12 students. 

Q5. Do I need to have perfect grades or special talent to be considered?

No. Having perfect grades is different from having strong academic skills. And having "talent" is different from having potential for growth. YRV believes that it's not about how much you can do, but how much you can grow. It's that growth potential that we value most.

Q6. How long is the program?

Most students join the program while they are in 8th or 9th grade and stay in the program for 4 years until they complete high school. 

Q7. If I am enrolled, will the program be very demanding of my time?

Yes. Our program transforms students into future leaders of the world. Transformation and growth cannot happen unless you are willing to invest time in yourself. Our program offers ample unique, fun, and impactful opportunities, but opportunities would not work unless you are willing to take them.  

Diana, NYU

Our recent graduate, Diana Aleksanyan, took all opportunities made available to her in the program and consistently spent 6 to 8 hours per week on program activities.

Q8. What will students be doing once they are enrolled in the program?

The program consists of mainly three types of activities: research activities, social-emotional learning activities, and leadership activities. For research, students work with an advisor in a small group of students from various parts of the world. Social-emotional learning is also achieved in a small group setting with the support of a facilitator. Leadership activities are designed for students to address issues that are important to them, whether they are humanitarian, economic, or environmental issues. Leadership training is achieved through working directly with a mentor and carrying out real-world initiatives.

Q9. Do students need to travel anywhere for the program?

All program activities including small group live sessions, one-on-one meetings, team collaboration, and independent work are done remotely. A computer and stable access to the internet are all students need. However, from time to time, our students may receive invitations to present their research or leadership activities at international conferences and symposiums, where traveling may be necessary. Given the substantial gain that students may achieve at these prestigious events, we generally encourage students and families to attend.

Q10. What is the application process?

Interested students and parents first attend an info session via Zoom. In the info session, the host answers all questions and shares an application link with the students and parents. After the info session, students and parents complete their applications. Completed applications are reviewed within 2 to 3 weeks of submission and then a decision of admission or rejection is released. Students who are interested in scholarships are required to submit a separate scholarship form along with their program application. The scholarship decisions are released at the same time with admissions decisions.

Q11. When will the 2024 class begin?

The 2024 class will begin on the first of September.


Q12. Where can I find information about the tuition and fees?

If you are interested in learning more about the program including tuition information, please join an info session. 

Q13. Do you offer tuition discount or scholarships?

We do not offer any tuition discount because our program is fairly priced. However, every year we offer full and partial scholarships to a small number of qualified students. Please join an info session to find out more.

Q14. How often are info sessions scheduled? Where can I find the schedule?

For the 2024 admissions season, we offer info sessions once a month from February to June. To register, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please email admissions@youthresearchvox.rog

Q15. Why is parent book club a part of the YRV Admissions program?

As much as teenagers strive to find their own identity and independence, these are the years when they need their understanding and supportive parents the most. In the parent book club, the parents of our students read books together to learn about emotional intelligence, parent-teen relationships, and community development, so that they can best support their children during these challenging years. As research has shown, parents and children who are able to bond well during the child's teenage years are more likely to have a close and gratifying relationship throughout life. 

Info Session Registration

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