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The YRV Headquarters

           Located in the beautiful San Gabriel Valley of Southern California, United States, the Youth Research Vox Headquarters is a pledged partner of local schools, governments, and community organizations. By providing local students with development opportunities, such as scientific research, academic publishing, and community engagement, we amplify youth voices and empower the next generation of leaders!

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Youth Voice
Through Art

          Art brings youth voices alive. Art transcends cultural boundaries. Art is the bridge between scientific and practical worlds.

          Partnering with young artists, YRV Headquarters offers local middle school and high school students free art and design programs including:

  • Sneaker Decoration

  • Backpack Designing

  • Gift of Art, and more!


College & Career Planning


        Those who receive quality college and career counseling during middle and high school years have a 60% higher success rate in college admissions, scholarship applications, college completion, and career establishment after graduation.


        YRV Headquarters offers local secondary school students free, individualized:

  • Academic consulting,

  • College counseling, and

  • Career planning services.

STEM Based Research

Machinery in a Physics Lab

       Participating in STEM based research during secondary school years helps students build strong academic skills and ensure future success in STEM fields.


       YRV Headquarters provides local middle and high school students opportunities to:

  • Conduct STEM research,

  • Publish research findings in scholarly journals, and

  • Present at local, national, and international academic conferences.

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