A Letter from Student Leadership Team

The adolescent world is often described as confusing and chaotic. Teenagers are thought of as being unpredictable and untrustworthy. But the growing adolescent brain has the capacity to reason, hypothesize, examine, conclude, and make informed decisions. With the research tools available, we can, and we will make good decisions. 


The 2020 pandemic limited the things we could do, but it provided an opportunity that we had never imagined before. The questions that we faced as humankind opened our minds. The limited activity kept us focused on what we wanted to accomplish. Conducting action research and developing Youth Research Vox have been an amazing experience. 


We are proud of what we have accomplished thus far, but our real hope is to inspire more and more teenagers to join us and become strong, confident doers and decision makers! Together, we will educate the public and build supportive and inclusive communities!


-- Student Leadership Team

Winter 2020