Research Training Schedule

Prologue - Why? What is the point of doing research?

Unit 1 What is Research?
Lesson 1 Scientific & Non-Scientific Research
Lesson 2 Types of Scientific Research

Unit 2 Conducting Research
Lesson 1 Stages of Conducting Research
Lesson 2 The Timeline Tool

Unit 3 Writing a Research Article
Lesson 1 Research Article Structure
Lesson 2 The Writing Process
Lesson 3 Academic Publishing & Peer Review

Unit 4 Evaluating Research
Lesson 1 Overview
Lesson 2 The Peer Review Process

- Nero, week 2

- Vedant, week 1

- Rose, week 1

- Camila, week 2

- Niraja, week 1

- Dia, week 2

- Tristan, week 3

- Melanie, week 3

- Angus, week 3


  1. Above please find the lesson you are assigned to develop and the week you should be developing the lesson. If you are unable to develop your lesson for any reason, email

    • Week 1- May 24 to May 29

    • Week 2 - May 31 to June 5

    • Week 3 - June 7 to June 12

  2. At YRV, we believe teaching is a great way to learn. Through developing the lesson and teaching it to your peers, you will acquire deeper understanding and stronger research skills. If later you lead a research team, these skills will help you and your team.

  3. For the most part, the title of your lesson is also the objective of your lesson. Your goal is to make sure that your audience can understand, remember, and apply what you teach them after the lesson.

  4. Your final product should be a well structured video lesson that's easy to understand and somewhat engaging. Also, you should include a lesson quiz at the end of your video.

  5. To develop your lesson, please follow the steps below:

    • For most of the lessons above, your will receive some foundational material. Study the material first.

    • Search for additional material on the internet. Make sure that the material you plan to use is from reliable sources, e.g., university websites, peer reviewed sources, respected authors in the field, etc.

    • Organize the material you have and make wise selection. Not everything you find will be helpful in developing your lesson; you do not need to include everything you have either.

    • Develop a lesson structure. Keep your goal and objectives in mind.

    • Make a powerpoint presentation.

    • Videotape yourself giving the presentation with the slides shown. Use Zoom to do the recording if you'd like.

  6. When you have a video lesson that you are happy with, schedule a 30-minute Zoom meeting with your lesson development partner. In the meeting, show the video to them and see how they do with the quiz. Then, have a discussion to collect some feedback. Update your video based on how the lesson went. Send the completed lesson video to on or before Saturday.

  7. Lesson Development Partner List:

    • Vedant - Nero

    • Rose - Camila

    • Niraja - Dia

    • Tristan - Angus

  8. You should be able to complete the entire process within the week. If for some reason you anticipate that you are unable to submit your completed lesson by Saturday of the week, please email the organizing committee beforehand.