Youth Research Vox's holistic worldview, ever-evolving approach, and student-growth-focused practice are the foundation of all following programs. These programs are designed for teens, young adults, and everyone who sees value in Youth Research Vox's programs. Youth Research Vox's programs are free for all.

Research Programs

Action Research - Income and Wealth Inequality in the United States

Longitudinal Research - Swing States Policy Watch (2020-2024) 

Exploratory Research - What Makes Gen Z Different?

College, Career, Civic-Readiness Programs

Cultivating Learning Intelligence - Making Learning More Effective and Fun

Career Path Designer - Discovering the Right Career, Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Exercising My Civil Rights Effectively - Fighting for What Matters to Me

Leadership Programs

Discover My Voice - Who am I and What do I Want to Do for Life?

Inspire with Passion - Develop True Connections

Lead with Confidence - Public Service Mindset, Leadership Style

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