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Unrivaled Admissions Program

YRV Competitiveness
YRV Competitiveness

YRV Admissions Program Components

With the right tools and resources, every student is capable of achieving excellence.



Academic or learning skills, including taking initiatives, asking questions, understanding complex matters, solving problems, and handling unexpected situations, are at the very core of research undertakings. Conducting research and participating in peer-reviewed publication during high school help students strengthen their learning skills and become highly competitive candidates for top universities and scholarships.

Emotional Intelligence

Since the 21st century, university admissions placed significant weight on emotional intelligence and social-emotional skills, which involve understanding emotions and making genuine connections with others to create high-quality and long-lasting relationships. YRV fosters social-emotional growth through a proven curriculum and ample opportunities for international collaboration.



It is no secret that universities and scholarship committees favor students who hold leadership positions during high school. However, training and available positions are often limited for the large number of students who need such opportunities. In our program, students are offered real leadership positions including director and C-level positions in our nonprofit organization while receiving necessary coaching every step of the way.

University Applications

From creating a comprehensive list of universities that expands across reach, target, and safety options for a student, to writing heartfelt personal essays, effectively presenting extra-curricular activities, strategically introducing volunteer experiences, demonstrating leadership skills, and providing exceptional recommendation letters, YRV offers unrivaled guidance and support throughout the entire application process.

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