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Compared to grades and test scores,
research is a better way to showcase your academic potential.

What can I gain in the YRV Research Program?

You will make friends with students around the world.

You will address an important social, economic, or environmental issue.

You will become a researcher and published author.

How does the YRV Research Program work?

The purpose of the YRV Research Program is to help high school students strengthen academic skills through research and therefore increase their chances of university admissions.

In the YRV Research Program students work in small groups on a research topic under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each research team has the support of a research advisor. The program is one-year long, from September 2023 to May 2024. Each team is expected to produce a high quality research paper that will be peer reviewed and published. 

Students collaborate through weekly research meetings, group work, and independent work , approximately 6 hours per week in total. All meetings, discussions, and teamwork are done remotely via Zoom and Google collaborative apps. No traveling is needed. Each team creates their own meeting and work schedules in consideration of team members' timezones.

The YRV Research Program is now open for enrollment. 

The program offers full and partial scholarships. 

Applications will be closed once available spots are filled. 

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