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Letter from the Editor

To cite: Coffey J. Y. (2022). Become an inspiring youth researcher. International Journal of Youth-Led Research, 1(1).


© Author(s) 2022. Re-use permitted under CC By-NC. 

No commercial re-use. 

See rights and permissions. Published by IJYLR.

Youth Research Vox, 

Los Angeles, CA, U.S.

          It is with our greatest satisfaction that we introduce to you the world’s very first peer-reviewed journal for youth-led research on the Sustainable Development Goals – the International Journal of Youth-Led Research (IJYLR). This inaugural issue, as you are browsing now, is two years of work done by an extraordinary group of young people. At the age when many of their peers are occupied with social media and entertainment, these young people chose to spend their precious time on academic research. Looking back on the journey preparing for the launch of this journal, we can’t help but marvel the passion, commitment, persistence, and resilience these young people have shown us. 

        While scientists, researchers, and educators have long reached the consensus that research is invaluable for learning about everything in the universe and moving history forward, there is still an undeniable stigma around academic work. Words like “bookworm,” “nerd,” and “dork” are often used to describe young people who have a strong interest in academics. Beyond sadness, this stigma is damaging to the youth. Many felt the need to hide their interests, deny who they are, and even pretend to be someone else. Now, with the publication of their work, the founding youths of our journal have shown the world what it means to “rock the academics” and to “live an awesome life as young scholars.” 

        The IJYLR editorial board is now inviting you to join our platform, where you will receive all the support you need, so that you can begin to enjoy learning, enjoy being awesome, and become an inspiring youth yourself. By no means we are telling you that things will be easy. They will not. But you are worth it. The future you deserves it. The intelligent, courageous, and compassionate future leader that you will grow into deserves it. The future of sustainable development deserves it. And that is why we do what we do at IJYLR. More than a journal, we are a platform that offers young people the tools, resources, and skills that they need to succeed. Our dedicated editorial board and journal staff can’t wait to work with you!

Joyce Y. Coffey

IJYLR Editor-in-Chief

Coffey J. Y. JYLR Open 2022.

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